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My work introduces distortion to patterns and symbols sourced from religion, science, and history to explore the disparity between the certainties of ideology and the fractured nature of contemporary living. By simultaneously adopting and adapting familiar iconography, I leverage preexisting cultural connotations to expose our underlying assumptions of the world around us.

Complete in their incompletion, these altered symbols open themselves up to new interpretation– an ambiguity that carries with it both the freedom of self-determination and the tension of the undefined. 

Trained as a mosaicist in the Byzantine tradition, my materials are central to my work: the permanence of stone and metal; the magnificence of gold; the fragility of hand-cut paper. Whether mosaic, sculpture, or installation, every inch of the work is cut and placed by hand - the slowness of the process essential to its message, each step an act of devotion that moves towards the creation of a unified whole.

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