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Classes & Lectures


Egyptian Academy of Rome, International Symposium on Mosaics, 2015 (ITA)

UrbanGlass Studio Workshops (Introduction to Mosaics, Introductory Mosaics), 2013 (ENG)

New York Institute for the Humanities, New York University, "Dreams of Solitaire Symposium", Artist's Lecture, 2013

(video begins at 2:37:50, ENG)


Select Publications


Mosaic Art NOW, "Transposition: A Mosaic Triumph in Seattle", Exhibition Review, June 2013 (ENG)

Manhattan Times , "Artesanía entusiasta y cuidadosa", March 2014 (ESP, ENG)

Mosaic Art NOW, "Three Americans Become Part of Prestigious Italian Museum Collection", May 2013 (ENG)

Harvard Magazine, "Mosaic for Now: A Contemporary Take on an Ancient Medium", January 2013 (ENG)

Mosaic Art NOW, "Mosaic can do Everything", Exhibition Review, November 2012 (ENG)

SoloMosaico, "Just Mosaic?", 2012 (ENG + RUS)

The New York Times, "An International Craft Gets a Bigger World Stage", October 27, 2011 (ENG)

Mosaique Magazine, Three Young Contemporary Mosaicists, March 2012 (ENG + FR)

Mosaic Art NOW, What is mosaic and what is not?, Feb 21, 2012 (ENG)

Mosaico Oggi, Intervista a Samantha Holmes, February 3, 2012 (IT)

Mosaic of Art, Samantha Holmes interview in Ravenna (audio interview), December 9, 2011 (ENG)

Mosaic Art NOW, Rewarding Innovation in Contemporary Mosaics, December 2011 (ENG)

The Language of Mosaic, A Word from Our Muses, November 28, 2011 (ENG)

Ravenna & Dintorni, "Il Futuro del Mosaico è al Sicuro", October 27, 2011 (IT)

RomagnaNoi, Il Mosaico Bruciato di Samantha Holmes, May 12, 2011 (IT)

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