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User Experience Design

I have worked in User Experience Design since 2008, consulting for both large agencies and individual clients alike to generate web and mobile experiences that usher users through every step of customer engagement, from initial site entry or signup through complex site interactions, sales conversions, and user retention. Past clients include industry giants like Salesforce, Pfizer, and Nestle, as well as a number of small, agile start-ups.

My work in UX ranges from information-gathering, idea-generating tasks like user research, persona development, and user journeys to the creation and refinement of site maps, wireframes, and technical specs. I feel strongly that UX is at its most effective when we work closely with the visual design and development teams to generate user experience solutions together, taking into account creative ideas and practical constraints from the outset and working iteratively to find the best possible solution.  A website, when designed properly, is not only effective advertising, but the critical point of contact between a company and its audience. It conveys a sense of the business, while at the same time providing clear pathways to relevant information or actions on the part of the user - quickly connecting client goals and user needs.

Wireframe Samples

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